- NEW TESTAMENT - Coven of Re-recorded Classics
New Testament
Album info: 
Released on June 3 2004 by Osmose Productions. 

John Ricci - guitars and bass
Rik Charron - drums 
Jacques Bélanger - vocals

Rising of the Dead *
Violence and Force **mp3
Rule with An Iron Fist +++
Rain of Terror +
Brutal Warning +++
Victims of Sacrifice ***
The Dark Command ++
I Am the Beast ***
Pounding Metal **
Stand Up and Fight *
Heavy Metal Maniac *
Black Witch *
Burn at the Stake ++
Long Live the Loud ***
Ritual Death ++

Re-recorded classics, 
* originally appears on Heavy Metal Maniac
** on Violence and Force, *** on Long Live the Loud
+ on Kill after Kill, ++ on The Dark Command
and +++ on Blood of Tyrants.

I think our renditions of the old songs are stronger than the originals.
The way we chose the older songs that appear of this record,
was easy, they are the songs, that we play live in our set, so those
particular songs, were well rehearsed , we knew we could pull off
these songs without much effort. Also, is was good to hear these older,