Full name: Joseph Paul Jacques Bélanger
Birth date/place:  July 11, 1963 in Sept-Isles, Québec, Canada
Influences: Halford/Dickinson - Sartre/Nietzsche/Heidegger.
Favorite artists:  Judas Priest, Savatage, Frank Zappa, Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull, Iron Maiden, Dixie Dreggs, Michael Schenker, Salvador Dali, Frantz Kafka, Albert Camus.
Top 10 albums:
                            1.  Unleashed in the East    Judas Priest
                            2.  Samuel Barber's violin concerto  Maxim Shostakovitch - Conductor
                                    Nadja Salerno-Sonenberg - Main violinist
                            3.  Sheik Yerbouti      Frank Zappa
                            4.  20 years of Jethro Tull (box set)  Jethro Tull
                            5.  Octopuss        Gentle Giant
                            6.  Time out        Dave Brubeck Band
                            7.  Southern Steel      Steve Morse
                            8.  Hall of the Mountain King    Savatage
                            9.  Strangers in the night    UFO
                            10.  Tokyo Tapes      Scorpions

First record you bought: Kiss Alive I
Favorite exciter -song:    To sing: Blackwitch, Intruders;
                                               Listen to: Violence and Force, Dark Command, Metal Crusaders
Favorite exciter -album:  Blood of Tyrants
Best experience in your life:  Any experience that has to do with philosophy.
Worst experience in your life:  My childhood - Plagued by parental alcoholism.
Interesting tour memories: Getting to meet or tour with some of my long time metal heroes: Meine, UDO, Lips, Biff, etc. Getting to finally visit Germany.
Activities when not playing:  Reading, Studying; Hiking; Working too hard at the job; Spending time with Mitzi, my ex-girlfriend's beautiful daughter and with Anna-Lisa, my very best friend.
What part of the song-writing process do you have in exciter ?  Unfortunately... none.
Stuff that you have to have with you on tour: Healthy food. Music CD other than heavy metal.
Any special ritual before going on stage: I am not superstitious. I just try to mentally prepare for war.
If you didn't play with exciter , what other bands you like playing with?: Michael Schenker, Priest, Maiden, Savatage.
Family status: Divorced, no kids. I however treat Mitzi as my own. She is 10 years old and she is a great kid.