Full name: Richard Gaston Charron (My close friends called me Rikki Roundcat)
Birthdate/birthplace: December 2, 1967, Ottawa,Ontario, Canada.
Influences:Peter Criss (Kiss) , Dave Lombardo (Slayer) , Clive Burr (Iron Maiden), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Neil Peart (RUSH) Buddy Rich.
Favorite artists:  I have too many to List, but here are some of them: KISS, Destruction, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Anvil, etc…
Favorite album(s):  Piece Of Mind/ Power Slave (Iron Maiden), Unleached In The East (live Judas Priest), Ride The Lightning (Metallica)
The first record that you bought: Double Platinum (KISS)
Favorite exciter-song: Pounding Metal/ Burn At The Stake
Favorite exciter-album:  Violence And Force
Best experience in your life: Being at the birth of my son
What you do when you don't play with exciter:  Work on cars and spending as much time with my family.
What part of the song-writing-process do you have in exciter:  99% on drums. 1% on guitar riffs.
Stuff that you have to have with you on tour:  Walkman, Bass drum pedals, symbols.
Any special "ritual" before going on stage:  very quiet, stretch & paist
If you didn't play with exciter  which other band would you like to play with: Ozzy, Judas Priest, Destruction.
What other bands you have played with:  M.C.C.O (Classic/ Modern Rock), Faulkwolf (Thrash/ Death Metal), Distemper (Thrash Metal)
 Family (i.e. if you're married, have children, brothers & sisters): Wife Rachel, My son Tyler and a dog, Rottweiller Gypsy.

To contact RIK CHARRON directly... rnr@sympatico.ca