- PROMO PHOTOS (click on pictures to enlarge)

Photo of the band 2017  NEW!!!
Photo of John 2017  NEW!!!
Photo of Allan 2017   NEW!!!
Photo of the Dan 2017  NEW!!!
Photo of the re-united line-up 2014 
Photo of the original line-up, submitted by Frank Stover

 Photo from Metallic Beast, submitted by Thomas Hedlund 

Promo photo from the O.T.T.-time, submitted by Allan Johnson.
Photo of John Ricci, submitted by Frank Stover. 
Photo of Marc in action. (Taken by Tom Belsey)

 Photo of Rik Charron in action (taken by Katja Hepenstrick) 

Another photo of Rik Charron in action (taken by Katja Hepenstrick)

Photo of the band outside a pub. 

Photo of the band with "devil-woman".


All photos submitted by  unless otherwise noted.
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